40 weeks. 40 stories. About 2004.

Sixteen years ago, TMM started out as The Mid-Majority. Those were challenging times, much like now. Using basketball memories as a convenient reëntry point, TMM will spend a full year deconstructing 2004. Welcome to Season Zero.

New chapters are available weekly, exclusively to Patreon and legacy Bally Club GOLD™ subscribers. Thirty days later, the chapters are posted publicly in the TMM Archives. Find out more about this ambitious basketball journey through space and time.

Latest Updates 

19h 48m · Zero Season D-55

Pleased to announce that this week, Zero Season: A Year In the Life of Basketball (and the World) exited the "writing" phase and is now in all the "other" phases that tend to happen between Book Writin' and release. In the coming weeks, the remaining unreleased draft chapters will be uploaded to the website. But why wait? Upper-level TMM Patreons are currently invited to read a condensed SparkNotes version of Zero Season. It lists all 40 chapters of the book in order (for the very first time) and maps out its Dickensian array of real-life characters. https://www.patreon.com/57438779 This is as good a time as any to express my profound appreciation for TMM's Patreon subscribers. Without your support, an intricately structured and excruciatingly researched book about basketball in 2004 could not have been a viable part-time job. Everyone who has maintained their Patreon subscription for the past 11 months will receive a download code for the book on 12/7, and current Patreons on that date will receive a very special Zero Season Digital Surprise Treat (DST) as well. On the other hand, all those who have cancelled their Patreon subscriptions recently—or don't comprehend what Book Writin' is about—will receive neither a digital copy of the book nor acknowledgement in its pages. With a foreword by Will Leitch and illustrations by Robb Harskamp, Zero Season will be available in digital and hardcover formats at all upstanding online bookstores on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. If you preorder the hardcover before October 31, you'll get five dollars off the regular price (and worldwide postpaid shipping) via The Sportz Institute.